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Meet Our Master Inspector

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Our inspector, Joseph Wood, has over 25 years of experience in a variety of construction trades, including ground-up construction, remodels, solar, solar hot water, electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, landscaping, siding, etc.  Joseph started working over the summers in high school doing remodels with his father's company in Los Angeles.  In 2003, he began work as a home inspector and quickly rose through the ranks to become a Certified Master Inspector.  His experience with customer service, construction, and other fields allowed him to do reliable and in-depth home inspections and deliver all the information in a non-alarmist manner.

Meet Inspector Gindi

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​Gindi started her career as a rocket engineer based out of JPL in Pasadena, and has since expanded her repertoire to specialize in managing and coordinating projects and construction companies for over 20 years.  With extensive experience in hands-on construction and construction management, Gindi is able assess a property honestly and completely.  While she is also a trained inspector, she is here to assist with any inquiries and scheduling.

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